Our upstairs bathroom flooded through the ceiling to the master closet and laundry room.  Very courteous, professional, extremely knowledgeable and does the job right.  We are more than pleased with all of the services provided to fix our home.  They even worked directly with our homeowners insurance company and saved me from a lot of headaches.  Thank You Paul for restoring my home.  You're amazing!! 

Janie R.

 The original builder of my home left a copper pipe touching a steel nail in my wall and after 30 years, the pipe blew- filling my kitchen walls with water and doing a lot of damage in the process.  Paul met with my plumber, assessed the situation and promptly met with my insurance adjuster.  Within a matter of days, repairs were under way.  My kitchen was rebuilt better than new and I can't thank him enough.

Mitchell M.

 I didn't know what to do when I could no longer get into my bathtub/shower, after having double knee replacements.  I thought sure I would have to spend lots of money to buy a special bath tub, but Paul was able to design a walk in shower, in the same space that the tub was in before.  For the cost of just changing the tub to a sit down tub, I was able to get a whole new bathroom and it is so beautiful.  Thank You, Paul. 

Lois M.